Monday, August 7, 2017

Sunday Visit with Two of my Favorites

Loved having Arun and Marika come to visit us yesterday for lunch and spending the afternoon and dinner. They had been to a campground-themed wedding at ...well, yes .... at a campground! They added a quick side-trip up to Milford to visit us and our pups!

Weather was a perfect 75 degrees. We ate both meals outside on the patio. Marika and I went to downtown Milford for coffee at The Proving Grounds (the newest coffee house in Milford) while Arun and Gil took the dogs for a walk.

Said goodbye after dinner. They had a four and a half hour drive back home after a long, long weekend and we appreciated their visit. Marika will be back the end of August for another visit.

Can't wait!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Grocery Stores vs. Home Delivery Meals

I thought when I started ordering the home meal deliveries that I had hit on the best way to make dinners for the two of us. I think I've used one of the various meal services on and off the past two years -- ever since Evan told me that two of his professional friends in LA were getting their dinners delivered so that when they got home from work, tired and exhausted, they could put on their aprons and make dinner together.

I started with Home Chef, then Blue Apron, then Plated, then Sunbasket. We were traveling so much that it became hard to keep up with the scheduling and the meals started becoming repetitious.

I've tried prepared meals at our local markets -- Colasanti's and Simply Market Fresh -- but it's not always successful in the final taste or presentation because they are pre-cooked so all you do is heat them up.

I've just hit upon a new possibility. I went to the Grand Opening at Busch's Market on Grand River yesterday and brought home pre-marinated chicken thighs (garlic and lemon-pepper). 

I grilled them along with corn and made an arugula salad. Couldn't have been easier and tastier.

I saw salmon kabobs and other pre-marinated dry-rub offerings and I am eager to keep trying them as the summer weeks go on. I don't love coming up with ideas for meals and so just seeing them already prepared at the market made me feel like I have (maybe) found a solution for now.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

First morning back in Michigan

First morning of being back home in Michigan after two weeks away. Started out with going over to the Apple Store to replace Gil's lost-on-the-flight iPhone.

Then opening lots of mail and emptying suitcases and filling up the laundry basket.

Whenever I get home from a trip, I always like to empty my suitcase and make a pile of things I never wore or things I never used from my makeup bag or jewelry I took but never wore.

It inspires me to pack less next time!

I have a pile of mail to go through, a garden of weeds to rid, a plant full of ripe cherry tomatoes, taking care of my birds and their bird bath water, a lot of thank you notes to write (for kindnesses extended to me during our trip) and restaurants to review.

Yes. I'm one of those type who reviews the restaurant each time I visit so that when you go to Yelp! or Tripadviser you'll get my best review -- complete with photos of the dishes I ordered!

Monday morning offers a chance to get back to my routine. I think I'll do some yoga!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wellfleet Oysters at C-shore Restaurant

Adam and Gil shared a dozen oysters on our final night of vacation in Cape Cod. I had my first lobster by ordering lobster risotto, Gil had the c-shore bake and Adam had the ahi tuna salad. Asher, of course, had the Mac 'n Cheese, as usual! 

After dinner we went to Arnold's for ice cream and I rediscovered how much I love vanilla malted milkshakes. Adam remembered that I used to make them for all three kids at the Albuquerque house using Ovaltine malted powder. Oh my! It all tasted heavenly! We had it two nights in a row.

The other nights we went to Nauset Ice Cream and indulged.

Gil and I drove Laura's car back to Boston on Saturday, stopping for lunch at Legal Seafood. I went to Drybar to wash the salt, sand, starfish, clams and seashells out of my hair and have it styled before we ended at Adam's house to return Laura's car.

Called an Uber from their house and we were off to the airport. Another quick bite at Legal Test Kitchen in the Delta terminal and we boarded our one hour and 20 minute flight back to Michigan.

This story might have had a happy ending except that Gil left his phone on the plane and when he went back to retrieve it, it had vanished. We still don't know where it is.

He needs it for work tomorrow morning because his pages go through his phone, so off we went to the Apple Store this morning when they opened to purchase him a new iPhone.

He's spent the afternoon transferring all his data onto the phone and going to our local swimming pool to swim laps. I've gone to the grocery to restock the kitchen. I've been away from the house for two weeks. It's the longest I've been away from my home since I lived with Gil at Karmanos many years ago.

Nice to be home. Missed our puppies. Loving our home, yard and garden.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The House at 35 Wilson in Eastham

This is the cottage that Adam and Laura rented from AirBnB last year and they liked it so much they rented it again this year. Their first week was spent with us as their guests and this next week they will be alone as a family along with Bodhi, their 11-year old Labrador.

We really loved the space (900 square feet) and tried imagining it as a retirement space that we could envision downsizing into some day. I think both Gi and I agreed we could manage it as long as there were outside spaces to roam to and patios to sit on.

35 Wilson Avenue in Eastham, Massachusetts.

I've been with Asher for two weeks. I know his schedule (a nap after lunch when available), I know what he likes for breakfast (bagel with cream cheese), and I know what he likes for dinner (mac 'n cheese). Bedtime is sometimes a struggle but most often a warm and affectionate end to an active day.

I love some of his favorite phrases: "Me thinking (deliberate and thoughtful pause) I want to play with my farm." "What about (deliberate and thoughtful pause) we 

I think we will try to make it back there next year and spend time with them and, hopefully, some of our other kids.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Provincetown did not disappoint!

Here we are in Provincetown sitting a bit askew on this bench since we discovered only after we sat down for this photo that it was wet from last night's rain! We spent the morning walking through P-town with fresh pour-over coffees from The Spindler and The Wired Puppy in hand smelling the salty air -- admiring the weathered cedar-shake covered shops and homes while pushing Asher in his stroller through the crowds.

Lunch was at The Canteen -- pork BBQ, oyster sandwich, tofu banh mi and white wine sangria in a pitcher! 

Later in the day we flew a newly purchased dragonfly kite back near home at First Encounter Beach on the bay side of the peninsula. And then mussels and clams and a lobster roll at Mac's Kitchen and Market here in Eastham for dinner.

Adam and Laura are out to see a drive-in movie (Super Woman) while we babysit tonight. They deserve a fun getaway! Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny (we've had two overcast days so far) and we'll head to one of the National Seashore beaches on the ocean side.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Rainy Day in Snow Library

We woke up to a rainy day in Eastham so we were off to the Snow Library where  David Snow in 1796 donated $5,000 to start the public library in this community stipulating that it be called Snow Library. The library was filled with young kids! What else can you do in a beach town on a rainy day??

Gil and I drove along the coast looking at various beaches deciding where we want to show up on the next sunny day. As we all know, Gil loves swimming in open water so he's eager to get out there! Me? Well, I'm not a beach lover but I go along to help carry all the stuff!

When it's raining out
And the kids are getting fussy
time to read a book.