Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner at Cinco Lagos

Here we are with friends at Cinco Lagos in Milford for dinner this past Friday night. What a fun evening! These are friends who are part of our Performance Network theatre-going group during the fall and winter months. (Gil and Genie are standing.) We have a series subscription but will be missing the first couple of plays this year until we can get back to a healthy state.

We've had a little hiccup in our hospital admission plans. Some of the test results weren't back in time to give clearance for the transplant (a technicality but a necessary one), so we've been reassigned a Wednesday admission instead of tomorrow (Monday).

It gives us two additional days to:

(1) Pack more stuff in the suitcase.
(2) Worry. Worry. Worry.
(3) Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
(4) Find ways to distract/entertain ourselves as we wait ......... patiently.

We're planning a trip in the next couple of days to one of the cider mills in the area for cider and doughnuts. It's what people in Michigan do this time of year.

Will post another entry on Wednesday or Thursday when we've gotten ourselves settled at Karmanos.

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