Monday, March 15, 2010

Chicago Getaway

Gil and I spent a long weekend in Chicago and got back home last night just in time to start the Daylight Savings morning darkness on this Monday morning! This photo was taken in front of Millenium Park with the Frank Gehry outdoor amphitheater and The Bean reflective sculpture in the background.

I had just gotten back from Albuquerque late last week and realized how uplifting it is to get away when you've faced several months of a Michigan winter.

And I realized that Gil would probably be needing to get away from it all as well -- but he wasn't going to be fortunate enough to be able to "fly off" to a sunny, warm place.

So we made a hotel reservation, jumped in the car and headed west to Chicago. Four hours later we were in the Windy City checking in and planning an afternoon visit to Millenium Park and the Chicago Art Institute.

Had a wonderful three days in Chicago and hope to go back again for theater, exhibits (Matisse is coming!) and Chicago outdoor events and festivals as the weather warms up.

Healthwise, all continues to go well. Gil's stem cells are maturing and taking greater responsibility for his immunity. He identifies his next challenge as returning his physical strength and stamina to pre-transplant levels.

I bought us both hiking/trekking poles so when we go out walking, we're getting a good upper body workout as well as legwork and endurance. I keep assuring him that it will all come back to him in good time.

Literally, "one foot in front of the other."

A road trip away
Just what the doctor ordered
(Dr. Raff, that is!)

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