Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remembering When...

I'm leaving Albuquerque in the morning to head back to Michigan.

Marika was here with me for four of the last seven days. She went back to Santa Barbara on Sunday night.

The photo above shows Marika and Elsie (who, as I've mentioned before, raised the kids and kept our house in order) on an afternoon when I made quiche and pot de creme for a special lunch get-together. Lots of storytelling and remembering when....

It's been a week of:

1. visiting friends (I didn't get to all of you! Next time?)
2. seeing movies (I didn't like Alice in Wonderland.)
3. eating out (Albuquerque has some great new restaurants like The Grove.)
4. hiking (The hills in Sandia Heights provided great exercise. I used my new trekking/hiking poles which add to the workout.)
5. touring (Santa Fe galleries and The Glass Alliance of NM were highlights.)

I always try to help my hostess and dear friend, Terry Lee, to accomplish a couple of projects she has procrastinated about. I try to provide the motivation and execution. This time it was creating an indoor garden space. And buying and installing a new computer printer.


Gil had his Karmanos appointment this past Friday. His steroid dose is being reduced again and he has no new symptoms of graft vs. host disease. His doctors recommended he not work as much and he is trying to comply with their advice.

He loves being involved again in his department's activity and his research but he wants to find the right balance between his work involvement and the all-important efforts of healing and recovery from the bone marrow transplant he had five months ago.

Travel tomorrow
Exposed to recycled air
Sick people spread germs!

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