Friday, May 27, 2011

A Big Week and Weekend for the Raffs

We are having a most wonderful week filled with many simchas (Jewish for blessings!)

We celebrated my 59th birthday this week, our 32nd wedding anniversary, our dog Willow's one year birthday and we'll soon be celebrating our BIG wedding coming up this Memorial Day weekend.

The first photo shows Laura's wonderful family from Boston and Texas who arrived midweek to help assemble hotel guest welcome baskets and help with transporting flowers, vases, table decorations, etc. to and from our house here in Milford to the Ann Arbor venue for the wedding events.

The second photo shows us after our "one" of our celebration dinners this week. We had just taken everyone out to dinner to Cinco Lagos (Five Lakes) restaurant and had come back home to relax and visit with our most recent wedding guest arrivals -- Genie (our stem cell donor) and Meryl (our Israeli family) arrive most recently.

We have to quiz Meryl every time she comes to visit us. How many grandchildren? How "old" is the youngest one you still have at home? (20 grandchildren from her five married children and age 15 is the youngest of her "still at home" children.)

I will be updating this blog very soon because we will have wedding pictures to share.

Until then....

Time to be present
Many simchas and blessings
Take time to savor each one.

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