Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Trip to Washington, DC

The top photo is a giant moth or butterfly in the butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in DC where you could walk into an enclosed space and let the butterflies land on you and walk on you then fly on to the next fower. Those with bright colors on -- like Gil in his pink salmon shirr -- got bombarded by flapping wings.

Gil and I were in Washington, DC earlier in the month for a Nuclear Medicine conference he was speaking to. We were also lucky enough to have dinner one of the two nights we were there with his old boyhood friends from Brooklyn. Storied were regaled. Embarrassing moments were shared. "Well, we were a lot younger then." was heard all around.

Gil is sitting next to Smithsonian Institution's Castle in a little "pocket park" that I insist we visit each time we are in DC. It is called the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden and I like that so much of it is at waist level so there's not so much bending down and squinting to see the names of the plants.

Our wedding is coming up in 11 days and the plans are coming together. My next blog entry will give the details and capture in photos the "work parties" to make everything ready for the big weekend. I think the rain is going to stop and let us have a beautiful sunny weekend for the event.

Love interests hang
on the most fragile of threads
Barely within reach.

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