Friday, August 4, 2017

Grocery Stores vs. Home Delivery Meals

I thought when I started ordering the home meal deliveries that I had hit on the best way to make dinners for the two of us. I think I've used one of the various meal services on and off the past two years -- ever since Evan told me that two of his professional friends in LA were getting their dinners delivered so that when they got home from work, tired and exhausted, they could put on their aprons and make dinner together.

I started with Home Chef, then Blue Apron, then Plated, then Sunbasket. We were traveling so much that it became hard to keep up with the scheduling and the meals started becoming repetitious.

I've tried prepared meals at our local markets -- Colasanti's and Simply Market Fresh -- but it's not always successful in the final taste or presentation because they are pre-cooked so all you do is heat them up.

I've just hit upon a new possibility. I went to the Grand Opening at Busch's Market on Grand River yesterday and brought home pre-marinated chicken thighs (garlic and lemon-pepper). 

I grilled them along with corn and made an arugula salad. Couldn't have been easier and tastier.

I saw salmon kabobs and other pre-marinated dry-rub offerings and I am eager to keep trying them as the summer weeks go on. I don't love coming up with ideas for meals and so just seeing them already prepared at the market made me feel like I have (maybe) found a solution for now.

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