Monday, June 22, 2009

Doctors with disease - Gil

Its hard for anyone to describe a symptom to someone else. In my case, the most striking symptom of uncontrolled AML aside from fatigue was myalgia, muscle aches. I had a concept of what the word meant: really a mild inconvenience.

In my case, this was so severe that I had to lift my leg with my hands to get into the car and that getting out of bed was extremely painful no matter how I organized my strategy. When my arms became affected it was almost impossible to shave.

After a brief period of antibiotics and chemo, the myalgias are gone. Apparently the multiple infectious and cancerous cell interactions that were producing a cytokine storm that was wiped out dramatically by therapy in about 36 hours.

I have a new appreciation for "muscle aches". In any event, I'm now feeling close to normal.


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  1. Gil, it is good to hear that you are feeling close to normal. We have, thank G-d, no experience with this disease and can only imagine how you might feel. We all wish you a complete recovery as fast as possible.

    Israel Dalven