Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Dinner

The attached photo shows the Raff family (minus Gil) in front of our small but bountiful vegetable garden. In the photo we've just harvested five different kinds of lettuce that are growing and went into the salad we made that night for dinner. Haley, our 12 year old Border collie, is resting nearby. (Jamie, our 10 year old Border collie, is relaxing off-camera). We miss having Gil at home for dinner each night but we do manage to catch up with him for meals at the hospital. Gil's appetite is waning and we offer him high calorie protein drinks throughout the day. He's getting lots of rest and sleeps frequently during the day to maintain his strength. Gil is almost done with his first week of chemotherapy and he's doing remarkably well. Adam is now in Boston. Evan is staying in Michigan until Sunday. Marika and I are having a day to ourselves tomorrow (Friday) in Ann Arbor (also known as a spa day) and Evan will spend the day visiting with his dad.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated Karen. People are constantly inquiring about Gil and the family. Alsom, everyday I run into people that wish Gil a speedy recovery.
    Gil- I'm glad to hear that you are tolerating chemo as well as you are. I can tell when you have some energy and are thinking about things on the "to do" list because the emails arrive :)

    You've got a very handsome family, and although it's not the ideal way to visit, I'm sure you're happy to have them around.