Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kids and Kindle

The Kindle arrived yesterday and was put to immediate use. Gil was reading a book before the unit was even fully charged. It's very cool and a real technological coup for Amazon, the creator of this latest gadget. Recommendations on "ease of us" and "readability" will be forthcoming as Gil navigates his way through chapters of his favorite reading material -- science fiction, NYT, poetry and adventure stories. Adam is headed on to Boston for a wedding this weekend. Evan has decided to stay until Sunday. Looking forward to a quiet weekend. Hospitals are beehives during the week but slow down to a manageable pace on the weekends.  

1 comment:

  1. Looking great...glad to see that.

    I remember the very impressive science-fiction paperback library Gil had on his shelves when he was about 12 years old back on Cypress Avenue. I personally never got past "Stranger in a Strange Land," but Gil would attempt to explain the physics to me of the last volume he no avail.

    By this time I bet you could write a pretty good sci-fi novel yourself.

    Warm regards,