Friday, December 25, 2009

Fifteenth Day of Chanukah

For most of you, it's Christmas morning as you wake up today. Merry Christmas!

For us, we've continued the "miracle" of the lamp oil that lasted eight days and, pushing the envelope a bit, celebrated the fifteenth (!) day of Chanukah last night with a dinner of latkes and homemade applesauce. (We had waited until Marika and Evan and my mom and brother had all arrived before we made the biggest, greasiest mess that can ever befall a kitchen.)

Gil had another appointment at Karmanos yesterday morning. He got the final results of the bone marrow biopsy taken over a week ago and (your prayers have been working!) the news is very good. He is 100% his sister's cells (thank you again, Genie) and there is no evidence of any remaining cancer cells or ugly mutations in the DNA of the remaining stem cells.

He isn't cured but he is headed for a cure and he is certainly considered in remission from his cancer at this time.

He asked his doctor how effective the yellow masks are at protecting him from the general population when he's out in public because he doesn't want to assume any false assurances that he's protected.

His doctor smiled and said, "The masks provide "cosmetic protection". That is, when people see that you're wearing a yellow mask, they tend to keep their distance from you, and therein lies the greatest protective factor!"

He's still dealing with a bit of graft vs. host disease but it's being treated appropriately and is a "minor burr under the saddle" in Marika's equestrian terminology.

He's on Day 79 post-transplant and he's feeling good. He's gotten permission from his physicians to start working out at the gym which he's eager to begin once the holiday is over.


Family gathered
Sleeping in this cold morning.
Enjoying their dreams.

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