Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Cards are in the Mail

The holiday cards have been sent! Yours should be arriving within the week.

If I've inadvertently left you off the list (sorry), or yours got lost in the mail (egads), or if you want me to send you one because you didn't get one and you want one and I probably don't know your address, let me know where to send it and I'll put one in the mail to you. (

The photo of our family on the front of the card was taken when we were all together at Thanksgiving courtesy of Marika's dear friend, Lindey Sibel. (Thank you, Lindey. Good work!)

You won't believe it but I sent out over 400 cards this year. There are so many of you who have sent your "good wishes" over the year and we wanted to thank you all.

Marika arrived home from Santa Barbara last week. We've been inseparable. Gil has had two appointments down at Karmanos since Marika got home and she's come with us both times. Today he had a bone marrow biopsy and Gil allowed her to observe the procedure.

Evan gets home on Monday night. My mom and brother arrive on Wednesday. Adam and Laura arrive on December 28th after their visit to Boston with Laura's family. So we'll all be together again.

Gil has been cleared to "go back to work" in a limited way starting tomorrow. He will read cardiac CT studies from home this weekend. He's not allowed to work "in the hospital" yet due to the high risk of infection. When all of this leukemia business started back in June, he set a target date when he "hoped" to return to work as the end of the year. And it looks as if he has been lucky enough to meet that target. We're grateful.

We've been wrapping and sending presents to family and friends this past week. And we're having so much fun doing it. Giving feels great!


Marika is home
We're loving having her here
She makes our hearts glad.

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