Monday, December 21, 2009

The Proposal

Great news for us this season!

Adam has asked Laura Fahey (his beloved) to marry him. We are thrilled because we've loved Laura -- and her whole family -- since the first time we met them. What I like most about Adam and Laura's relationship is that they bring out the best in each other. Together they make more than the whole. And they're fun to be around.

Marika and I have had a wonderful week together since she's been home. She's at the airport now as I type this picking up Evan whose flight from LA is arriving momentarily.

Evan was in LA last night and had been clued in to Adam's plan to propose to Laura. Evan was "on call" to come with champagne, roses and his camera to capture the moment.

Adam and Laura head to Boston to show all of Laura's relatives her new jewel. They will swing by Michigan for a few more days before heading back to LA.

Gil is feeling okay but not great. It's probably a little bit of graft vs. host disease rearing its ugly head again. Our appointments during these next few holiday weeks are off schedule and we go in this week on Thursday, Christmas Eve. There will probably be some medication adjustments based on lab values and telltale signs of the the graft vs. host symptoms.

We feel lucky to be on Day 75 on our countdown to Day 100 when we will have arrived at the time when the "acute" graft vs. host symptoms and risks will change to "late" or "chronic" graft vs. host symptoms. The "chronic" symptoms, we are told, are more inflammation-based. We're not there yet.


The kids get engaged
When is it that easy
To commit to love?

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