Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

Marika got one of those "one-cup" Keurig coffeemakers as a holiday gift this year. In the photo, she and Gil are trying the first brewed offerings. We all tried it out while she was home (it was the novelty of the thing!) and I've just packed it up and sent it out to California for her. It takes 3 minutes start-to-finish for a steaming cup of coffee -- just what a student needs for those early morning classes.

Her classes for this new quarter started yesterday and she reports all is well.

Adam and Laura got back to LA and picked up Bodhi, their yellow lab, from the kennel where he had been boarded during the holidays. He was very happy to see them. (Forsaken, not.)

Evan has started back to his med school classes.

Gil is working one day a week at Beaumont's West Bloomfield clinic in the cardiac imaging department where there is less traffic and fewer opportunities for infection. Today was his first day and it went well. He's still working weekends reading studies.

I made slow cooker steel cut oatmeal last night. I put it on when we went to bed and it was ready to eat when we got up this morning. As the author of the recipe suggested, "It's so thick and rich that it tastes like tapioca pudding." And it did!

I also went to a Pilates mat class this morning and plan to incorporate as many classes as I can into my weekly exercise routine.

Our next Karmanos appointment is this coming Friday.

Afterwards, we're having lunch at Jerusalem Pizza with Gil's nephew, Dov Ber, who is living here in Detroit for the coming year teaching high school students in a Yeshiva setting.

(Dov Ber is Meryl's son. Meryl is Gil's younger sister and she lives in Israel. You may remember that both she and Genie visited this summer and were the "hopeful" bone marrow stem cell donors. Genie's cell type matched. Meryl's did not. There is a 25% chance that a sibling's cell type will be the perfect match. )

Kids are back home now
Our house is much quieter
Not lonely ... quiet.

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