Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Favorite Library

We love the Milford library. For such a small little township, it's a great asset for us.

This is a photo of the display of winter sleds and shovels behind the circulation desk.

Gil goes there for the fast internet. I go there to read magazines so I don't have to subscribe to so many of them and add to the landfills.

The library is quiet and has a lovely sitting area that looks out onto a stream and wildlife. It's so peaceful there. We go there several times a week.

Tomorrow night we are meeting up with our two Karmanos friends and their spouses for dinner in Lansing -- our halfway driving point -- to celebrate the 100 days since Gil, Mark and Bonnie got their transplants. No champagne but maybe some sparkling water all around!

Our kids in California are getting drenched this week.

And Gil's getting his hair back which makes him happy!

Hair growing back fast
Still a little bit fuzzy
Doesn't (yet) need a comb!

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