Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gift Basket Bonanza

A gift basket of food arrived at our home this afternoon.

It was from the staff of the Beaumont Coordinating Center. "Everything that's good that I've been able to accomplish over the past few years in my research has been possible only with the help and cooperation of every member of the team there," Gil said.

(And he sent those exact words recently in an email to the Director of the Coordinating Center to pass along to the personnel there.)

Filled with strawberries, zucchini bread, blueberry muffins, fruit, brownies and popcorn, the basket was a most-welcomed delivery. Thank you.

We had breakfast at The French Laundry in Fenton and we were waiting right there when they opened at 7 am!

I asked Gil what time he had woken up this morning and he said, "5:30 am."

I said, "That's pretty early on a day when you can sleep in for as long as you want."

"I know," he replied, "but I'll be getting up at that time when I go back to work so it isn't a problem now."

(That was heartening to hear!)

After breakfast, he put on his wetsuit top and drove to the high school swimming pool where he used to do his lap work. He says he made it down one length of the Olympic-sized pool before tiring and heading back home.

He's also getting back to his photography work which always makes him feel good. (I'll attach one of his photos to a blog entry this week for you to see.)

Tonight was not the usual "Saturday night out" we're used to, but it feels mighty good just to have him home on a Saturday night again.


Weekend night at home
No movie or dinner out.
Just the two of us.

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  1. We were so glad to hear the good news! Hope things continue on a positive path for Gil.

    Monica and Andy