Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gil's Photos

I'm posting two of Gil's photos that are among some of my favorites. He's back to photographing now that he has time to be creative. The first photo is titled In the Garden.

The second photo of the milkweed pods is titled Exploding Pods and was chosen to illustrate a book that a friend/professor who teaches at MIT recently published -- Falling for Science: Objects in Mind; Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, Spring 2008. (I highly recommend the book and you won't be sorry if you order it from Amazon today!)

I love watching the creative process work its way through Gil's mind from idea to completion. He can be absorbed for a whole day with getting the image just right. He loves walking out into nature and collecting seeds and pods and blossoms and nature's interesting "jetsam and flotsam" found in the woods and near the pond at the end of our street.

In addition to working on his photos, he did continue to do his workouts. He went to the Milford High School fitness room today to use the free weights and he rode the stationary bike here at home. He probably ate ten small meals throughout the day


Object(s) found on walks
A composition unfolds.
Image is revealed.

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