Monday, August 3, 2009

Making Lasagna

Gil is being very particular these days about his diet. He's looking for ways to increase his protein intake without eating heavy meat or poultry. He has hit upon pasta as the solution.

Marika woke up late this morning, made her way down to the kitchen and found dried pasta stuck to pots and counters and plates. Clearly her dad had chosen a pasta dish as his breakfast and lunch of choice.

And there was more to come!

"I want to make lasagna," Gil said.

"Dad, do you know how to make lasagna?" asked Marika.

"No. But I found some lasagna noodles in the pantry," Gil replied. "Do we have a recipe?"

"I can find one for you," Marika said as she thumbed through our Joy of Cooking.

And she did.

Gil approved her recipe choice. And sent her out to the grocery where she purchased the ingredients and brought them home.

At the time I am writing this blog entry, we haven't been invited to see or taste the final casserole.


Pasta and a sauce
Add some noodles and some herbs.
Buon Appetito!

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  1. And here I though the photo was of the dish itself!