Sunday, August 30, 2009

View from Sweetwater's in Ann Arbor

This was my view through the window at Sweetwater's in Ann Arbor as I sat having coffee with two of Marika's teachers from Greenhills (her high school) the other day.

The storefront I was looking at is that of the Downtown Home and Garden Store and the upstairs window boxes are lush with flowering plants this time of year. The morning glories (!) seem particularly happy.

I happened upon Marika and two other students/friends as they were meeting at Sweetwater's with two of their favorite past teachers -- Mr. Randolph (Shakespeare) and Mr. Tobin (College Counseling). During the conversation, Marika pondered (and asked) when they would feel like "adults" and not "past students/kids" anymore.

After several funny and insightful answers, the one that resonated for me was: "When you stop calling us Mr. Tobin and Mr. Randolph, and start calling us Dick and Mark."

And I guess we're/they're all waiting for that day!

Gil is sequestered inside the four walls of our house protecting his fragile immune system from the onslaught of lurking germs. I think I know how the Native Americans must have felt as they fell victim to unknown diseases brought innocently from newly-settled Europeans. Everyone and everything is suspect!

You can't be too careful when you don't have a normal immune response.


Lots to do indoors
But when you're confined inside
You want to go OUT!

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  1. Gil,
    Lorraine and I are watching your progrss to transplant. As you may not know my son, Bryan, is a radiation oncologist here in Albuquerque. He remembers you from the old Heart Clinic days. If there is a match problem I would be happy to be a donor for you. Our best, Jerry and Lorraine