Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Studio Workspace

This is where a lot of Gil's photo work takes place.

Photoshop -- the enormously capable photo editing software program -- plays a big part in bringing Gil's vision of the finished image to completion. Sometimes the image and the artist work smoothly together. Sometimes it's a struggle. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. And when it doesn't work, you can feel like you've wasted a whole day.

Gil spent almost the entire day at his desk working on his photos, calibrating his monitor and adjusting his commercial-sized printer so that he can begin printing some of his new photos.

He's excited about a new direction of work he's starting.

We went to Kensington Metro Park today with our folding chairs and the dogs and sat at the lake's edge. Gil read his Kindle and I finished another NYT crossword puzzle. It was relaxing.

Marika heads to Lollapalooza -- an outdoor concert venue in Chicago -- for the weekend with her closest friend, Lindey. It's a girls away weekend for them.

Adam and Laura host Laura's sisters and their spouses in LA for the weekend for a friend's wedding in San Diego on Friday.

Evan tries to survive the final day tomorrow of his first week of med school negotiating it all on crutches. He says it is very "in-elegant" to maneuver around the campus. Only seven more weeks to go as a non-weight bearing ambulator.

My mom is recuperating in the rehab center in Kentucky and the fractured pelvis "is not going to keep me down for long" she tells me.

I'm keeping everyone's schedules up and everyone's anxiety levels down.


Printer cartridge filled
Photo paper loaded up
Time spent is worthwhile.

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