Friday, October 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Gil made it home yesterday afternoon and this is the view that greeted him on arrival. It's raining today ..... but who cares?!

Any weather condition is better than HEPA-filtered hospital air!

His first night at home was a good one. No problems. Taking lots of meds which I painstakingly set out this morning in those little plastic cups we get used to in the inpatient setting.

We get a visit today from a home health nurse who will show us how to administer the IV magnesium sulfate Gil needs each day to replace what the immuosuppressive agent, Tacrolimus, will deplete.

We go to the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) clinic on Monday for our first of many outpatient visits. Gil's condition will be assessed and of course, have his bloodwork analyzed for counts and drug levels.

The dogs were thrilled to have Gil back home and the feeling was obviously mutual. (Don't pets have the most amazing ability to lavish their unconditional love?)

I can just hear them thinking: "Hey, no hard feelings just because you abandoned us for the past 23 days. All is forgiven. Come rub us behind our ears. Ahhh. That's more like it."


Home again for now.
It can't get better than this.
Breathing in fresh air.

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  1. Gil and Karen,

    Bonnie and I are glad to hear you are doing well and back home enjoying warm, familiar surroundings. We felt bad that we didn't get the chance to be part of your "send off" here at 10 Webber North. I was in Lansing all day getting flu shots with our kids and Bonnie was napping in her room. It's not the same down in our little alcove with someone else residing in room 208, but we are happy for you that you have transitioned to the next phase. Bonnie will hopefully be in that phase next Tuesday or Wednesday. See you in the Clinic.