Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Picture's Worth.....

A picture's worth a thousand words!

This photo was taken last fall as Gil and I were walking down our street with the dogs. I brought a digital photo frame into our hospital room for this admission and loaded lots of photos of days like these -- our fall garden, our house in all four seasons and family gatherings just to remind us what awaits us when we get home.

Today is Day -1 (day minus one) which is designated a "rest day." It is a day without chemo and it gives Gil's body a chance to clear all the chemo agents from his system. So far, he's feeling good and has not had any side effects from the chemo or immunosuppressive drugs he's been given.

That said, I guess one of the "side effects" of this hospitalization has been overwhelming boredom. We brought books and DVDs and an MP3 player and a laptop. Even so, there are so many hours to fill in the day.

And the same four walls -- egads! There's only one window to look out of from the hospital room where the view, though expansive, never changes!

I'm wondering if those of you who visit this blog site might do us a favor. (You're always asking what you can do!) Can you take a new photo or send an existing photo from your collection and attach it to an email that shows what you're up to these days? A walk in the woods, a trip to a cider mill, a tree changing colors in your yard, a fun event?

It seems like a good way for Gil to "get outside" without being able to "get outside." Choose something that happened to you. Something that has a story. And tell us about it. Thanks.

We are biding our time until tomorrow between 2:30 and 4:30 pm when Genie's stem cells will be infused into Gil.

(Perhaps we will view some of your photos in our email.)

Send to both of us if you would:


I promise another blog entry tomorrow evening after the transplant.

It will begin a new chapter in Gil's life.

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