Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee

Gil is spending his second morning at home. He wakes up to fresh-brewed coffee. Everything is good.

We had our visit from the home health nurse yesterday afternoon. She instructed us on IV administration of magnesium sulfate which Gil will receive daily while he is taking Tacrolimus. The IV medication, mixed in 500 cc of normal saline, came complete with its own portable / disposable (!) IV pole!

Nothing on our schedule today but am thinking that Gil will want to take a drive around Kensington Park on this rainy day and "see" what he has been missing for the past few weeks.

He says he wants to get out and take some photographs and I'll be delighted if he feels up to it.

We're catching up on Mad Men episodes we missed and sitting next to a warm, cozy fireplace today.

Evan is in SF this weekend for Stanford's homecoming and a friend's birthday celebration in Napa. As far as I can tell, Marika is in the library (again) but was trying to carve out time to have fun with her Kappa sisters last night and again tonight. Adam is probably sleeping in this morning after his usual long week at the lab and plans to have a restful weekend.

Enjoy your weekend.

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