Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Real Deal

Okay. You found me out. Yesterday's photo was not Gil. But today's photo is unmistakably the guy himself!

We're going home tomorrow. The whole team has been in and we're now getting our outpatient instructions and meds to take home with us.

We'll be seen in the outpatient clinic for the first time either this Friday or Monday to begin the close monitoring required of all post-transplant patients.

Everything is set. Our house was "cleaned" today on schedule and our two dogs are going to the groomer tomorrow so they'll be clean and look their best.

What more can I say? Whoopee!

Two girlfriends called last night and wanted to take me out to lunch while I was staying down here at Karmanos and I told them it needed to be today or never. So it's today!


Lots to remember.
Lots of packing up to do.
Homeward bound Thursday.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful. Looking forward to continued good news and haiku coming from the home front. Savor all those simple things you have been deprived of recently.
    We all neglect to value the small things in life. Your illness has sure made us pause to reflect on simple pleasures, good health, dear friends and family. Hugs, Kent & Marion