Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BMT Clinic

When I sent this photo to my kids recently, Marika replied, "Ah. Yes. The all-too-familiar masks, Kleenex box and hand-foam sanitizer!" It's been a part of our lives for months now.

Gil is feeling better and better these days. He's getting stronger. The dogs are loving his new walking routine. They used to go down the street with us once a day. Now they are being treated to twice-daily walks as Gil increases his endurance.

He's adding light weight-lifting to his routine which is a good sign. And some abs workouts when the mood strikes!

Today we went out for our first "public" restaurant visit. You guessed it. We went to The French Laundry. We always feel welcome there. This time instead of asking for a table near the windows, we asked to be seated as far away from everyone as possible!

Gil's numbers are all back to normal. He has just the right number of white cells, red cells and platelets. Next week he will have a blood test to determine what percentage of his stem cells are his and what percentage are Genie's. The percentage should increase towards 100% Genie's by the end of 3 months. In the meantime, Gil's are incrementally declining and Genie's are taking over.

I've reclaimed my space downstairs and have a butterscotch-scented candle burning when I'm down there reading or doing my creative work. I am loving having a place of my own to go to. There is way too much "togetherness" around here sometimes.

Gil is not allowed to drive while he has the central catheter in place due to safety concerns should he be involved in an accident -- vis a vis the airbag going off and slamming into his chest where the line is placed. So we are together 24/7 unless I take off for an errand or some time out with friends.

I'm sure he can't wait to be out on his own again!

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