Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Full Circle

The photo above was taken by Gil a couple of weeks ago as our Bradford pear tree was losing its leaves. It is titled Leaf Circle.

I liked using it as the accompanying image for today's blog entry because it reminds me of our family which has come "full circle" as we gather for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Lots to be grateful for this year at the Raff home.

All the kids arrived from California yesterday and it has been a non-stop family reunion since they got in to the airport. (They actually like the rainy, cool weather we're having this week!)

We're going to a matinee movie today after making a master grocery list and assigning Thanksgiving day dishes to each family member based on their "unique" specialties.

Gil usually takes charge of the turkey and is "apprenticing" Adam this year. Evan is the "green bean casserole", Marika is the "sweet potato casserole" , Laura is the "pumpkin pie", and Karen is the "mashed potatoes."

Gil is feeling good and has a remarkable amount of energy these days.

The kids have promised to add their own blog entries this week so check back for their unique perspectives on their time spent here at home in the days ahead.


Raff clan together
A good time to share stories.
What a year we've had!

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  1. Raff Family,
    The Gentrys' would like to wish you all a Happy and blessed Thanksgiving. I am thakful for having you all as friends.