Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Recap

I chose to post this photo that Gil shot from our front porch because it showed my patriotism for the country during this past week of events -- Veteran's Day, Fort Hood shooting, discussion on Afghanistan, Health Care debate -- and because I love the bright colors it adds to our landscape when I'm outside and when our neighbors are driving by.

The war veterans have been on my mind and the upcoming important decision Barack Obama will be making vis a vis the strategy and our American involvement in Afghanistan. We watch Meet the Press, we listen to Fareed Zakaria, and now Matthew Hoh as they weave their opinions through the news broadcasts.

What is our country to do?

Gil has been feeling stronger and stronger every day. It has sort of amazed us (in a good way) and we don't know if it's the normal trajectory for getting back to his normal high-energy level or if it's a result of a recent switch in medications. For now, we're taking it at face value and getting out (with masks on!) to see the world again.

Yesterday we took a trip to Chelsea, Michigan for lunch at Mike's Deli with a friend (Gigi Sanders and her 92-year old dad) and a stop at Chelsea River Gallery on Main Street for a wonderful exhibition by Larry Cressman ( which amazed me. I thought from the photo on the website that the "marks" were made from a drawing material. But they are really tiny twigs attached to various backgrounds by tiny pins used by entomologists. Fascinating!

On Thursday last week, before heading to our clinic appointment downtown, we went to U-M's Rackham Graduate School for an artist talk by Kim Kauffman (another Chelsea River Gallery artist) on her technique of "cameraless photography" which she calls "chromegenic images." They're on the fourth floor of the building lining the hallways and well-worth a trip (up through December 18th.)

We are both involved these days in creating images -- phtographic and other -- because all aspects of nature in and around our neighborhood are providing such inspiration and material!

What does all this have to do with Gil's healing? It's healing of the creative spirit. We can get lost for hours and hours in its many possibilities. It helps fill the time until we are back to more normal living.

(Normal living? Whatever that will mean as we move through to the end of the year.)


Day Thirty-Seven.
Has it really been that long?
Sometimes seems so ... brief.

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