Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daily Constitutional

Didn't we have a beautiful fall day today in Michigan? Crunching leaves underfoot, we walked down the street with the dogs while savoring the neighboring horse farm's pile of burning leaves.

Not much going on over the weekend for us. Gil came with me to the grocery but could only manage up and down two aisles -- he picked out bread and a raspberry-blackberry pie -- before he retreated to the car while I finished up.

Tomorrow is our next clinic appointment. If all goes well, we could reduce our twice-weekly visits to one visit per week. Nothing is ever a sure bet but it is an appealing thought.

With both of us here at the house 24/7, I'm finding I need my "own" space to hide out in. We've got a finished basement which we don't use very much, and I've decided to adopt it as my own "getaway" place -- for reading and creative endeavors.

As I've been fixing it up, it's turning out to be a nice, quiet place to retire to when Gil is upstairs taking a nap in the living room and I would normally need to be tiptoeing quietly around.

The extra hour of daylight this evening was welcomed today, wasn't it?

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