Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cross Country Skiing

I went cross country skiing with two good friends -- yes, Deb and Nora -- yesterday at Huron Metropark and we had so much fun. The weather conditions were perfect except for the lack of warm sunshine but the snow was ideal and the trails through the woods were picturesque. I loved it and want to incorporate this great exercise and adventure into my winter sports routine.

Deb, Nora and I also went out to lunch the other day (Forest Grill) and followed up with a matinee movie of It's Complicated. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. All three of us really enjoyed it and we laughed at the "complicated" parts. We envied the gorgeous house and bakery and lifestyle of Meryl Streep's character. (It was set in Santa Barbara so naturally I am envious of Marika who gets to live there nine months out of every year!)

Gil and I went to breakfast at The French Laundry this morning. We are becoming real "regulars" there. It says something about our personalities that I always order the same thing (called Nancy's California proposal which is a crispy potato pancake topped with lox and a cucumber/tomato salsa) and Gil always gets the "special" of the day which is the chef's inspired creation. We're as different as night and day in many respects. And yet it works for us!

Today is one of the those rare weekend days when Gil is NOT on call for reading cardiac CTs so we are taking full advantage of the weekend day off. We're headed out for a matinee viewing of The Hurt Locker.

I'm excited about my week long trip to Albuquerque this coming Wednesday (March 3rd) through the following Wednesday (March 10th) where I'll stay with my dear friend, Terry Lee, and where Marika will join us for a long four-day weekend. Can't wait to see my darling daughter again. (I can now legally take her out for a drink to celebrate any and all of her accomplishments -- including getting the Greek Scholastic Award for highest grade point average in her sorority last quarter!)

I'll be posting to the blog daily during that week since there are so many things we will be doing that will be worthy of blog photos and entries.


When things go smoothly
Life can be such a pleasure
Savor each moment.

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