Saturday, February 6, 2010

Remember Turning 21?

You're looking at a wrapped birthday present that Gil and I sent to Marika last week. She's turning 21 on Valentine's Day. And she's been looking forward to the day since she was about 16 and realized the "significance" of turning 21.

Marika joined her two brothers nearly 21 years ago at one minute after midnight on February 14, 1989. You can imagine our joy after two wonderful boys to bring Marika into the world on such a pink and heart-filled holiday like Valentine's Day.

Marika and her brothers and various friends are planning a weekend trip in a couple of weeks to Las Vegas to celebrate the occasion. (It wouldn't appeal to me but that's what the California contingent likes to do. So be it!)

Gil was at Karmanos yesterday. He got good reports. He is allowed a bit more contact with regular folks at Beaumont (still no patient contact) and will make plans to go into the hospital one day a week to teach the cardiology fellows.

If you've ever been in attendance at any of Gil's teaching sessions, you know what a skilled and gifted teacher he is. And the fellows will feel lucky that Gil's doctors said, "Okay, go for it!"

The image reading room at the hospital is small and Gil asked his doctors if he should wear a mask to protect himself from anyone in the room at the time who might be sick and/or contagious?

"No," his doctors replied. "The sick person should wear the mask. After all, you're the teacher!!"

It's been hard to get my 10,000 steps in each day with the cold weather so I'm now a gym enthusiast. I try to go to one class each day for a good cardio workout. This morning I'm headed over for a one hour Tone and Strengthen class.

No Haiku today
Must get ready for my workout
Huff. Puff. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.

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