Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Satellite Office

Gil has settled into his "downtown" (Milford) office and is getting a lot of work done -- or so he says between sips of fresh, hot Starbucks* coffee. When he first leased the space, he made me promise to make it feel as warm and cozy as our own home which I gladly obliged.

What you're seeing is his office in the early stages of decorating. A large mirror will go on the empty yellow wall. His favorite monoprint by New Mexico artist, Sam Scott, is hanging just out of view on the left wall. His desk faces a large window -- which fills the room with natural light -- looking down on Main Street.

Can you believe this little haven is only 10 x 11 feet?

The Comcast cable corporate package with Power Boost is the best part of the location. Fast, fast, fast internet!

*When we first were looking for cities in Michigan to move to over eight years ago, we took a drive through Milford on our way to look at an equestrian riding facility in Holly where Marika could bring her horse (Pandora) and continue her riding career.

There, in the middle of this tiny little picturesque town, was a Starbucks!

I said to myself at that moment, "If Starbucks thinks it can thrive here, so can we."

We made a bid on our current house and the rest, as they say, is history. Marika trained and rode competitively at Huntington Ridge in Holly and we established residency in Milford Township.

Satellite office.
Saves two hours of driving time

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