Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dinner at Gravity

One of my recent posts showed a photo of two girlfriends and me having lunch at trendy Forest Grill in Birmingham.

"Gee. Why don't we ever get to go out to nice restaurants in Birmingham when the three of us get together," my friend, Deb Peters, whined. (We usually go someplace quick and cheap and local.)

"Well," I answered, "let's treat ourselves to someplace really nice next time."

So Deb and Nora and I made a date for dinner at Gravity -- a really nice restaurant -- where we started with calamari, bruschetta and Asian wontons. We stayed for hours and talked about gardening (we're all three members of the Milford Garden Club), cross country skiing, health care reform and the "good things" about men, in general, and our husbands, in particular!

Gil had his appointment at Karmanos this past Friday. He had his infusion catheter removed in day surgery which means that after five long months, he can take a shower without having to wrap the site on his chest in Saran Wrap to keep his sterile dressing dry. After appointments downtown, we usually stop by P.F. Changs to treat ourselves to a really nice lunch!

This is the BIG weekend that all our kids and their close friends are in Vegas to celebrate Marika's turning 21 last week. I guess they're seeing shows (Cirque du Soleil, I think) and eating well and making toasts and generally acting irresponsibly! Kids will be kids.

A really nice meal
Prepared in a restaurant
A gift to yourself.

Still feeding the birds
Oil sunflower seeds are best
I know what they like!

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