Thursday, February 11, 2010

Girls' Lunch Out

In this photo, I was having lunch with girlfriends, Carol and Diane, at Forest Grill in Birmingham earlier this week. It was Restaurant Week in Birmingham and we took advantage of the lower prices and smaller servings to enjoy this great place for good food and great conversation.

Gil left early this morning (6 o'clock am) to head in to Beaumont. He is giving a talk about their new CT machine -- known as the FLASH -- to members of the cardiology department. The FLASH delivers substantially less radiation per patient scan than previous models and is poised to be the standard of care in the future. Beaumont made a good choice to invest in this model.

I was a volunteer for one of the early studies on the FLASH at Beaumont as the machine was getting up and running. And I'm happy to report that my coronary arteries are clean and destined to serve me well in the coming years...

Marika has finished her midterms and started her "countdown-to-turning-21" which culminates on her birthday on Valentine's Day.

Adam and Laura had been saving for a large flat screen TV for months -- maybe years? -- and finally purchased one. They missed seeing the Super Bowl on it but are just in time for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Winter Olympics
Coming our way Friday
Breath of fresh (cold) air!

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