Friday, September 24, 2010

Milford Street Scene

Pictured above are Gil and his sister, Genie, having lunch at a sidewalk table at The Main Street Tavern and Grill in downtown Milford.

After Gil and I returned from our trip to the White Mountains last weekend, we had a few days to spend with Genie who had graciously flown in the week before from Petaluma to "puppy-sit" for Willow while we were on our vacation.

On Sunday, we happened upon the Antique Car Show lining Milford's Main Street. We had brought the dogs with us to socialize the puppy and to meet Gil for lunch. The weather was perfect for eating outdoors and the dogs got their share of attention by passersby.

Genie and I proceeded on to the Milford Home Tour which was also happening that weekend and which featured six houses that are in the Milford Village's Historic Register. The home owners had painstakingly renovated these homes and followed strict guidelines about what could and could not be removed, replaced, refurbished and resurrected. I had walked by these homes many times and always wondered what they looked like inside. Now was my chance. I was not disappointed.

We took Genie to the airport for her return flight to California at the beginning of this week. Since then I have been the main caregiver for Willow -- no easy task. She's combined her "terrible twos," her "adolescent agitation," and her "senior senility" all into one glorious "I'm planning to rule the roost around here and you'd better get used to it!" hellfire attitude.

She's a handful these days. Up at 4:30 am ready to start her day. Not going to bed until 10:30 pm at night. Where does she get the energy?

We have a quiet weekend planned. Rest. Rest. And more rest.

Willow's energy
Should be harnessed and sold to
Reduce oil dependence!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Heading Back to California

You're witnessing a very poignant moment. Gil and I were driving Marika to the airport after six weeks of having her with us this summer. She is holding Willow who has fallen asleep in her arms. She has raised this puppy for the last six weeks into the loving, gentle creature we have come to love and adore.

Gil and I are packed and leaving for the airport for our New Hampshire vacation. Genie is here with the puppy and they should become good friends by the time we get back.

Short but sweet today. More later when we return.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Three Generations on Rosh Hashanah

You are viewing a photo of three generations of my family near the end of our erev Rosh Hashanah dinner on Wednesday. Marika is on the left, my mom Helen is in the middle, and yours truly is on the right.

We've had a busy week.

Gil's sister, Genie, is here visiting for two weeks. We have asked her to "dog sit" while we go on a short vacation. And we all thought it would be best if Genie spent the week before we leave learning "the ways of the Willow."

Last week I had emailed my mom and brother that they should consider driving up from Kentucky and spending part of a week visiting. I was thinking of sometime after Gil and I got back from our vacation, but they answered right away, "How about tomorrow?"

And so they arrived and we have a full house with all three of the upstairs bedrooms occupied.

On the third day of my mom's visit, after a very busy, hectic day of taking care of the puppy and cooking and visiting, my mom complained of "not feeling well" which earned her a trip to the local emergency room.

Long story short: She did not have a heart attack. However, there was EKG and cardiac enzyme evidence of heart muscle damage and it was decided she should undergo a cardiac catheterization.

We were all prepared for her to get an intervention during the procedure -- placement of a stent or an angioplasty -- but surprise of surprises! She had no coronary blockages at all. Her coronary arteries were absolutely clear.

It was determined that the symptoms she was experiencing mimicked a heart attack but was not caused by a coronary obstruction. The symptoms were caused by a microvasculature event. She and my brother will be driving home tomorrow and she is as healthy as when she arrived.

And she's going home knowing that she has clean coronary arteries and doesn't need to worry about cholesterol-laden, artery-clogging foods anymore.

I've taken lots of photos of the puppy and will upload those to a new blog entry in the next few days.

Lots of family
Cooking, eating, laughing,
Together again.