Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the Time of the Twin

I decided it was time to launch this baby into the universe. Where it will go I can't say. I created these photos and writing over the past 10 years and then abruptly decided they go together.

Karen is doing her usual admirable job of composing the book and we hope to have it in print soon, courtesy of an online self publishing site that allows you to make really elegant books.

I composed this draft version myself and am happy if you want to download it and use the photos and words as you see fit. Here is the URL for the download. You have to cut and paste it into your browser and go.

The book is 55 pages, 28 of which are photos, so it's 27 megabytes altogether. If you have a fast connection that is 2-3 minutes but if not be patient.

All the best


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Styling

I titled this blog entry "Winter Styling" because Gil and I spent a wintry day at the mall getting him some new clothes and in the joy of the moment, he found this wool felted Panama hat which just completed the whole ensemble. As he posed for this photo, I vaguely remembered what I "thought I remembered" was an Alfred Steiglitz portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe in a similar Panama hat but after "googling" the photo, I learned it was an Ansel Adams photo of Georgia and actor, Orville Cox!

In addition to new pants and shoes (and the last pair of winter leather gloves which were on sale to make room for the newly arrived summer bathing suits!), we spent the day getting trendier eyeglasses for Gil and having lunch. (Head to toe style makeover.)

Currently, Gil is in North Carolina attending a week long course in one of his other interests -- financial investing. While he's away, my mom has been visiting and we're having another good week-long visit.

She's been here to Michigan four times since Labor Day, she recounts, and her friends back home ask her if she's planning to move here!? "Not yet," she says with a smile.

Marika is still hard at work in Santa Barbara getting caught up with classwork that she had postponed while she concentrated on her MCAT studies last month. In the meantime, she turned 22 on Valentine's Day and is going to Las Vegas this coming weekend with her girlfriends, one of which is flying out to California from Michigan for the celebration.

Adam and Laura continue with wedding planning while Adam continues to research his options for residency programs after graduation.

Evan is also looking into residency programs. There is so much groundwork to be done in preparation for residency matching. You almost need a degree in project management to make it all happen. Nothing gets left to chance. It's all about strategic positioning!

I am doing as many creative things as I can find to do. A little of this. A little of that. Keeping the birds well-stocked with oil sunflower seeds and suet for the winter. Making sure Willow continues to grow up to be the wonderful dog and pet we expect her to be. And, of course, Pilates three times a week with aerobics at the YMCA on in-between days.

Gil gone for the week
Mom here for mid-winter break
Good times had by all.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Piece of Paradise

It's official: the MCAT is over! The past few months have been full of exhaustion, long hours logged in the library, and turning down more than a few social invites. There is no doubt in my mind I wouldn't have made it without my wonderful family and friends cheering me along the way. They certainly gave me the strength to get through what I felt was the biggest test of mental and physical endurance thus far in my short life.

My daily life has changed drastically since I took the test this past Saturday. It went from waking up at 6 am to cram in some studying before a full day of classes to leisurely having my morning coffee, ambling to the gym, and taking an afternoon nap. Relaxing has never felt so good. I have to admit however, I didn't exactly remember how to "do nothing" and my first attempts at relaxation were slightly anxiety provoking!

Conquering this test has made me feel as if I can tackle anything that life throws at me down the road. Following graduation in June I will be heading to Honduras for my second medical brigades trip and then it's back to Michigan where I will spend a year doing clinical research at the University of Michigan.

My biggest challenge in the coming weeks will be soaking up the California sun and enjoying my last months at UCSB. Vegas and Mexico trips have already been booked so you can see I am making up for lost time!

I will send some of the Santa Barbara sunshine to all of you suffering from the long midwestern winter and for everyone else enjoy a few extra rays on me.

And yes, that is the view from my balcony. My parents thought they were paying tuition but it's more like resort dues.

All my love,