Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Scottsdale Wedding

Oh, what fun we had! Six of us flew in from Albuquerque for our friend, Judy's, wedding in Scottsdale. A quick 72 hours but we knew how to take advantage of the short amount of time we had to re-bond with each other, witness the marriage and celebrate our friend's good fortune at finding love with her new partner, David. Can you feel the joy in our expressions?

Of course, the Raffs have another wedding coming up. Adam and Laura in less than six weeks will be committing to their own vows. RSVPs are coming in, travel plans arranged and the excitement of the upcoming day is mounting.

Family from as far away as Israel will be here to celebrate the happy couple's union! Can't wait.

Had a rather wintry day today but hope it's the last blast of cold air until next year. I really want to get the garden ready for our wedding guests who need to see the house and yard in bloom!

Gil and I continue to attend meditation retreats in Michigan when we can. It has been an enriching experience in our lives and our relationships -- for one another and for our family which is spread far and wide.

In all of the world
the union of a marriage
makes all things seem right.