Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello all. Our new puppy is nine weeks old. Her name is Sedona. No special association with her name. We just liked the sound of it. And she looks like a Sedona! (She's waving!)

Willow has taken to her beautifully and I believe Jamie would have endorsed Sedona as the perfect companion for wily Willow.

Our summer is half way through. Days are getting shorter. Still, it's light until nearly 10 pm every night in Michigan. I had to put black out shades on our windows in the bedroom to keep the light out at night.

Adam and Evan both started their intern year last month. They're learning how to put all their academic knowledge and basic clinical skills to the test. I remember so well as a nurse having to work closely with the new interns each year. It was always fun to have a new group of fresh doctors to orient and educate and admire.

Marika, Adam and Laura went camping in Yosemite for a week in June. Then Laura returned to work, and Adam and Marika headed up the California coast for a week of day trips.

They went to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Napa Valley and Tahoe.

Then Adam returned to LA and Marika went to visit college friends in Santa Barbara for a long weekend.

All the while Evan was in Paris and Greece. (We have a family that loves to travel.) 

Gil and I stayed home -- and all we got were postcards from our adventurous kids!

Marika is in Traverse City again for the month of July at Horseshows by the Bay. She is working and competing so will have a wonderful month before she starts medical school on August 6th.

I am slowly recovering from my adrenal surgery. It sure has been difficult to taper the steroids I'm taking while waiting for my remaining adrenal gland to kick in. In fact, I haven't made any progress in that department at all except for some minor weight loss. My endocrinologist asks for patience as it has taken others up to two years to get back to a normal state.

Gil is doing well. Studying for an Echo Board exam. Enjoying having a new puppy. And making headway paying off the kids' college loans! He's been making some wonderful vegetarian meals for us. I wish I could claim that the vegetables were from my garden but I only have herbs and tomatoes this year. So the Farmer's Market will have to suffice.

Puppies test patience
Give unconditional love
What more does one need?