Thursday, May 24, 2012

From LA to Chimayo ... and in Between!

We traveled to LA a few weeks ago to celebrate the boys' graduation from Keck School of Medicine at USC. What a great experience! They were both in the same graduating class even though they are two years apart in age. Adam detoured to get his PhD. Evan detoured to get his MHA. And by coincidence, they both finished their fourth year of medical school together this year.

(Soon we will have four MDs in the family when Marika finishes medical school. I feel like a real "underachiever!")

From LA, Gil and I stopped in Albuquerque to visit friends and throw a 60th Birthday garden dinner party -- for me -- at our friend Terry Lee's house. It was great to see so many cherished friends again. Those are the memories worth creating and remembering! For those of you we didn't get a chance to see, you're on our list for "next time!"

While in New Mexico, we visited friends in Chimayo. It was a beautiful scenic drive through northern New Mexico to arrive at their rural but perfect home. The final photo I've attached above shows Gil and our Chimayo friends walking along one of the roads in the mountains.

All three of our kids have time off between now and their next commitment -- Adam and Evan each start their internships around the end of June. Marika starts medical school in early August.

Adam, Laura and Marika have a reserved camping spot in Yosemite for the first week in June and will get to see the splendors of that national treasure. Then Laura returns to work while Adam and Marika travel up the California coast visiting friends and favorite places -- like Santa Barbara.

Adam will return to LA in time to start his internship at Kaiser Permanente - LA.

Evan is headed to NYC, Paris and Athens tomorrow with a friend. He'll travel and get back to LA in time to move into his new apartment near Pasadena where he'll be working at Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Today marks one month since my adrenalectomy. I've been released by my surgeon to resume my normal life. I remember thinking during this past year: "I can't wait to get back to my normal life!" 

But on reflection, I think I'd like to move beyond what was my normal life. 

I'd like to move towards the life that I'm meant to have. I just need to be quiet and listen for the clues!

I'm going to be tapering my supplemental steroids over the next few months until I reach an equilibrium. My endocrinologist is working closely with me. I don't know quite what to expect during my recovery this coming year but am feeling better than I have in a long time.

Gardening is still one of my greatest pleasures!

Much to celebrate.
Our family has been blessed.
Gratitude expressed.