Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Out with the Cushings!

Karen had her left adrenalectomy yesterday (electively) and is going home today. She is looking forward to a new body habitus ASAP.

Judging from the first day, I'm hoping we will make our scheduled trips to California May 10 for Adam and Evan's med school graduation at USC, and following that to Albuquerque May 14 for Karen's birthday celebration.

Not seen in this photo is Marika who has been doing subintern duty at the bedside. She is starting her med school career here at University of Michigan August 6. I've been roaming the hospital talking to friends and appreciating the beautiful artwork and general spanking new environment. I did my residency here 30 years ago at the old hospital (torn down, only the front stairs remain.) Gone are the open wards with only curtains in between and absence of air conditioning. Some things are better left to nostalgia.