Friday, July 21, 2017

Boston Duck Boat Tour

Boston's Duck Boat tour filled up my afternoon today. Asher and his other grandma (Asher refers to her as Nana) and I went to the Science Museum for a few hours until our 3:45 pm tour time on Duck #1 arrived.

Poor Asher was so tired by the time the tour of the city was over that he fell asleep before we even got to the part of the tour where the Duck Boat heads down a ramp and into the Charles River.

Nana and I had to decide whether or not to wake him up! (We did!)

It was long day. But a fun day! I loved spending time with Nana.

I'm at a favorite Air BnB tonight (The Taylor House in Jamaica Plain) since Laura came home from her company's meeting in Vancouver. I wanted the kids to have some private time tonight  and I wanted to have some downtime for myself. I've been getting up every morning around 6:30 am and not going to bed until 11 pm.

Last night I put together the "4momsmommaroo infant rocker" for their new coming baby. I had a wonderful week with Asher and Adam.

Ahhhh. Good night.

I'm going to sleep
knowing Asher's mom is home
and happy to be.

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