Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The House at 35 Wilson in Eastham

This is the cottage that Adam and Laura rented from AirBnB last year and they liked it so much they rented it again this year. Their first week was spent with us as their guests and this next week they will be alone as a family along with Bodhi, their 11-year old Labrador.

We really loved the space (900 square feet) and tried imagining it as a retirement space that we could envision downsizing into some day. I think both Gi and I agreed we could manage it as long as there were outside spaces to roam to and patios to sit on.

35 Wilson Avenue in Eastham, Massachusetts.

I've been with Asher for two weeks. I know his schedule (a nap after lunch when available), I know what he likes for breakfast (bagel with cream cheese), and I know what he likes for dinner (mac 'n cheese). Bedtime is sometimes a struggle but most often a warm and affectionate end to an active day.

I love some of his favorite phrases: "Me thinking (deliberate and thoughtful pause) I want to play with my farm." "What about (deliberate and thoughtful pause) we 

I think we will try to make it back there next year and spend time with them and, hopefully, some of our other kids.

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