Sunday, July 23, 2017

Heritage Museum and Gardens

We drove Laura's standard transmission car from Roslindale to the Cape today. Neither of us had driven a standard transmission in ages. We needed to practice in a parking lot with Adam coaching us from the front passenger seat and reminding us where the gears were. "This is a real role-reversal," he said. "It wasn't that many years ago when YOU were teaching ME how to drive one of these!"

On the way to Eastham along the cape, we stopped in Sandwich, MA for a fresh seafood lunch. Then we made our way through Sandwich to the Heritage Museum and Gardens where we came across this delightful and whimsical sculpture by Alfie Glover (above) surrounding one of the gardens.

 We're here in Eastham now and made our grocery run to get coffee and staples. We went to Wiley Park and looked onto the pond which is a Kettle Pond -- a commonly-formed body of water scooped out of the rock landscape by glaciers moving through the area many years ago.

Can't wait to take Asher to the beaches all along the coastal area this week. Ate dinner at The Friendly Fisherman tonight followed by ice cream at Nauset Ice Cream. Laura got blackberry, Asher chose strawberry and Adam got peanut butter over a Reese's cup.

Ice cream in July
melting all over your hands
feels good to lick off.

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