Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wellfleet Oysters at C-shore Restaurant

Adam and Gil shared a dozen oysters on our final night of vacation in Cape Cod. I had my first lobster by ordering lobster risotto, Gil had the c-shore bake and Adam had the ahi tuna salad. Asher, of course, had the Mac 'n Cheese, as usual! 

After dinner we went to Arnold's for ice cream and I rediscovered how much I love vanilla malted milkshakes. Adam remembered that I used to make them for all three kids at the Albuquerque house using Ovaltine malted powder. Oh my! It all tasted heavenly! We had it two nights in a row.

The other nights we went to Nauset Ice Cream and indulged.

Gil and I drove Laura's car back to Boston on Saturday, stopping for lunch at Legal Seafood. I went to Drybar to wash the salt, sand, starfish, clams and seashells out of my hair and have it styled before we ended at Adam's house to return Laura's car.

Called an Uber from their house and we were off to the airport. Another quick bite at Legal Test Kitchen in the Delta terminal and we boarded our one hour and 20 minute flight back to Michigan.

This story might have had a happy ending except that Gil left his phone on the plane and when he went back to retrieve it, it had vanished. We still don't know where it is.

He needs it for work tomorrow morning because his pages go through his phone, so off we went to the Apple Store this morning when they opened to purchase him a new iPhone.

He's spent the afternoon transferring all his data onto the phone and going to our local swimming pool to swim laps. I've gone to the grocery to restock the kitchen. I've been away from the house for two weeks. It's the longest I've been away from my home since I lived with Gil at Karmanos many years ago.

Nice to be home. Missed our puppies. Loving our home, yard and garden.

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