Monday, July 27, 2009

Calorie Count

Gil came into the hospital seven weeks ago weighing 190 pounds. Today he weighs 166 pounds. He's lost 24 pounds.

Gil's assignment is to put on weight. His request for dinner was KFC -- original style. Chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and sweet corn. "That went down just fine." he said. This is no time to be worrying about cholesterol and BMI and abdominal girth measurements.

When he comes home, he'll be working on gaining back his lost weight and getting stronger. We have a recumbent stationary bike in our living room which opens onto a gorgeous view of acres of lawn and trees and garden. Pedaling at his own pace, he'll work his way up to long walks and eventually get back to swimming laps to regain muscle mass. (He says he'll need a wetsuit to keep his scrawny body warm enough in the pool!)

We'll make meals together that he loves so he can get back on course.

The bone marrow biopsy was taken this morning and will yield preliminary results by late Tuesday afternoon. The team will let us know at that time if Gil is eligible to go home this week.


Eating more each day
Embracing food once again
Calories add up.

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