Friday, July 24, 2009

Moments Missed

Gil is doing well enough these days that I am able to go home for a few hours to take care of things. Today that included my witnessing the first bloom on our potted morning glory vine. 

Gil missed seeing it. Since I couldn't bring Gil to the "mountain", I've brought the "mountain" to him via the photograph above.

There are so many things we are missing together these days that used to be part of our lives. And will be again I'm hopeful.

Friday night pizza nights have been put on hold. It used to be an easy dinner for the last day of a busy work week. With a glass of wine and a recap of the week's events.

Morning coffee together has been put on hold. The first one up used to grind the beans fresh each morning, put the water on to boil, and make the most delicious coffee in the French Press. These days, he no longer has a taste for coffee.

On weekends, we would go each morning to our local Milford Coney Island*** restaurant, Dimitri's, for the breakfast special at $2.99. We knew all the waitresses.  

***For those who don't live here, a "Coney Island" is a restaurant particular to Michigan with booth seating and serves Greek food as a specialty in addition to the regular American fare. 

Occasionally, we would take a long drive up north to Fenton to eat at The French Laundry -- a very gourmet restaurant with outdoor eating and friendly waitstaff. It would take most of the morning but the drive was through Michigan countryside -- so green and lush at this time of year.

We would walk the dogs together through Kensington Park or when pressed for time, walk them to the pond at the end of our street. They were moping around the house today when I got home and I can tell they are lonely for us to be with them again like we used to be.

Gil used to go to the new vegetable garden and pick lettuce for our dinner salad. I miss those salads. Nothing tasted as fresh.

Yes, we are missing those good times together. And we'll probably appreciate them more than ever after this journey we've made together.

(Gil's white blood cell count is 2.4 today!)

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  1. I hope you take that morning glory as a symbol of what is to come- a new, beautiful blooming.