Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Dog's Blog

As narrated by our Border Collies, Haley and Jamie:

"We walked in like we owned the place. Kids were pointing and staring, old ladies were smiling and the security guards just waived us by.

Heads held high, we followed our noses to Room 8403 where we located our missing-in-action pack leader.

We had been given permission by the hospital oncology nursing staff to visit for a couple of hours if (1) we were up-to-date on our shots and (2) we were freshly groomed within the past 24 hours. Both conditions duly met, we jogged our way past the front doors ignoring the tempting smells of the nearby Starbucks, into the elevator, and down the hall to find dog's best friend (our owner, of course) patiently but eagerly waiting for us.

In the photo, we've sneaked into the large and airy patient and visitor garden atrium on Beaumont's sixth floor. We respected the fake grass and were careful not know what we're trying to say here. (We would not have been invited back!)

After much licking and treats and back rubs and ear scratching, it was time to say goodbye.

No frisbee throwing today but, all in all, a very good visit just the same."

P.S. Gil says to tell you he's doing well today and looking forward to the arrival tomorrow (Friday) morning of Adam and girlfriend, Laura, who are flying in from LA on a red eye to spend the Fourth of July weekend with all of us. 

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  1. Good dog, happy man. Next time I come I'm bringing Boris. He'll have to wear a diaper though.
    Peter from Seattle