Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fathers and Fireworks

Family and Friends,

Today was a day to give thanks to our forefathers for the creation of an independent United States. However, my thanks was squarely directed at my father for my own creation and independence. I was lucky enough to spend this Fourth of July in Michigan visiting my Dad. 

My Dad had a tough night last night as a fever crept over him. We went in this morning knowing that it might be a short visitation day. However after a few hilarious stories of my early childhood airport fiascos with my brother Evan, my sister's bright laughter was filling the room and his spirits lifted. My Dad smiled, his eyes closed, and reminisced with us about his own childhood memories. He soon perked up and sat for a time in a comfy recliner chair he has recently commandeered from the nursing staff, munching away at a bagel sandwich we had brought from home. After a good visit, he asked for some rest and we dutifully obliged, wishing him a "Happy Fourth!" on our exit.

This evening my Mom, sister, girlfriend (Laura) and aunt (Genie) decided to BBQ at the house. We each carefully chose the best burgers, brats and beers from a neighborhood grocer and proceeded to grill up a feast. Several exclamations of "This is the best burger I have ever had!" filled the air and the chef (yours truly) knew he had succeeded. After dinner, Laura, Marika and I drove to Camp Deerborn for a spectacular fireworks display. Marika and I both agreed that it was the closest we had ever been to a fireworks show. The finale was all we talked about on the ride home.



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