Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meryl's Mishpachah in Israel

Noun: mishpachah
(Yiddish) the entire familly network of relatives by blood or marriage (and sometimes close friends)

As you know, Meryl (in the center of the photo) arrived from Israel yesterday and adjusted herself to Michigan's Eastern Daylight Time with relative ease.

She left her large and loving family (husband and eleven children, their spouses and grandchildren) and came to heal, cajole, comfort and pray for Gil.

We're so glad to have her here.

Gil's appetite was improving yesterday (the prayers were working!) and it was clearly time to prepare some authentic homemade chicken soup (aka Jewish penicillin). Off to the grocery for a Kosher chicken, carrots, celery, parsnips, fresh herbs and other secret ingredients, Meryl was busy peeling, slicing, stirring, tasting and filling the house with the most wonderful cooking smells by the time we all got home from the hospital.

Can't wait for lunch in Gil's room tomorrow!

Regarding Gil's medical condition:

At the end of another difficult day, we did get some very preliminary news that the early/initial look at the bone marrow biopsy results appeared to be "good." (At this moment, we don't know what "good" means exactly but it will be the first question we ask our oncologists when we get in to the hospital in the morning). The flow cytogenetics results from the biopsy which will give us more detailed information are still pending at this time.

We're learning about all of this day by day with the rest of you. We're hanging in there.

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