Thursday, July 16, 2009

Four Star Accommodations

The amenities for guests of patients at The Beaumont Resort and Spa are second to none.

Fresh linens every day -- but you have to make the bed yourself. Room service is available -- but you have to get the food yourself. Clean showers -- but you have to bring toiletries for yourself.

Beaumont has become my home-away-from-home for awhile.

Gil had a much better day today. Fewer fevers. Fewer requests for pain medication. More energy. Longer periods of sitting up in the recliner chair. Brighter expression. Fewer complaints.

No movement on the Neutrophil count yet. They're a stubborn bunch.

While we play the waiting game, we have more family coming to Michigan.

Evan, our son who is a second year med student at USC and who is working with Dan Berman at Cedars-Sinai on a summer research project (on cardiac CT, not surprisingly!), is flying in from LA tomorrow night to spend the week with us.

If you're following the blog from Beaumont, you'll probably be seeing us in the cafeteria and deli and Starbucks a lot. Stop us and say hello when we're down there.

Well, it's getting late. And it's been another long day.

Time to turn down the sheets, fluff the pillow (and put my own little chocolate candy on it for myself) and turn in for the night.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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