Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fighting to win

Genie here. Gil spends his days watching the Tour de France. Like Lance Armstrong, he's fighting to win.

The senior oncologist in his group came to see Gil today and gave us some encouraging information. He said that it's almost certain that I will be a perfect bone marrow match for Gil, since siblings who pass the low-resolution blood test almost always pass the high-resolution test as well. We are, of course, quietly thrilled.

Gil got the okay to start a new regimen that will make him more comfortable: On fewer of the antibiotics that made him so ill. No need to force down food: he will be starting total parenteral nutrition (TPN) -- intravenous feeding -- and letting his poor, irritated digestive tract rest for a while. And finally, the doctor encouraged him to have as much pain medication as he needs to be so comfortable that his only complaint should be boredom.

This week, more changing of the guard. A visit from cousin Lois from Long Island tomorrow. Long-time friend Barry Mennen, from the old Seagate neighborhood, arrives Monday night. Evan comes in on Friday for a week.

Meryl and I leave on Wednesday. But, as governor Arnold would say, "I'll be back" when the time is right, to donate my bone marrow stem cells, if all goes as we hope.

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